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The Invoices page lists all the invoices created. Go to Expert Invoice > Invoices.

Create Invoice

To create an invoice, click the Add Invoice button. The add invoice screen will show.

From the invoice creation page, as seen above, enter the details of the invoice.

  • Enter the title for this invoice
  • From the right side, enter the quantity and type the name of the product the customer is ordering. Repeat this process to add multiple items.
  • Select the invoice date
  • Select the due date
  • Enter the invoice number or leave the default
  • Select the customer, or click the + button to add a new customer
  • If you want to adjust the total for the client, click on the adjust button.
  • Enter the comments you want to appear on the invoice. You can also add private comment as well.
  • When finished, click on the Complete button to select and option. Choose
    • Record: This will save the invoice
    • Record and Email: This will save the invoice and email the invoice to the client
    • Record with Payment: This will save the invoice and ask you to add payment