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The Quotes page lists all the quotes created. Go to Expert Invoice > Quotes.

Create a Quote

To create a quote, click the Add Quote button. The add quote screen will show.

From the quote creation page, as seen above, enter the details of the quote.

  • Enter the title for this quote
  • From the right side, enter the quantity and type the name of the product the customer is ordering. Repeat this process to add multiple items.
  • Select the quote date
  • Select the valid until date
  • Select the customer, or click the + button to add a new customer
  • If you want to adjust the total for the client, click on the adjust button.
  • Enter the comments you want to appear on the quotes. You can also add private comment as well.
  • When finished, click on the Complete button to select and option. Choose
    • Record: This will save the quote
    • Record and Email: This will save the quote and email the quote to the client