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Got questions about Expert Invoice? You're at the right place!


The options page is the main configuration are for your Expert Invoice. From here, you can change various settings that affects the system. Go to Expert invoice > Settings from your WordPress admin.

Company Tab

This tab is used to enter details about your business or company.

  • Business Name: Enter the official name of the business (eg. Contonso Corporation, Inc).
  • Registered Number: In many countries, each business has an official number. Please enter it here.
  • Contact Details: Enter the contact details you want on reports. For example, phone, fax and email address.
  • Logo Image File: To add your logo to reports you can select the file path to an image.

Invoice Tab

This tab is used to set the standard text that appears on printed orders.

  • Initial Invoice Start number Enter the initial invoice start number.
  • Receipt Text Titles: Customize the text that appears on your invoices.
    Select the text you want to change, then enter the new text in the adjacent field
  • Footer Comment Text entered here will appear at the very end of the printed order. Choose an alignment and font size for the text.

Other Tab

This is where you set up some regional settings.

  • Currency Symbol: This is the symbol used for money in your country – usually $.
  • Decimal Symbol: This is the symbol used for the decimal point – usually a dot everywhere but in Europe where a comma is used.
  • Thousands Symbol: This is the symbol used to separate thousands – usually a comma.
  • Printed Date Format: This is the date format used for printing or pdf generation
  • Payment Page: Select the page that payments links in email sent to your customer will show. Add shortcode [expert-invoice] to that page.
  • Online Payment Success Page: Select the page that successful online payment will be redirected to.

Permissions tab

Select the roles that WordPress users should have in order to access the invoice application